We believe the path to success begins when all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program (AYEP) supports Indigenous students as they learn how to create successful futures.  

In 2007, the Martin Family Initiative (MFI) launched AYEP to introduce Indigenous high school students to business opportunities within the Canadian economy. The curriculum teaches students how to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit, improve financial literacy and communication skills, and gives them an opportunity to explore a variety of post-secondary options. But at the heart of the program is a simple hope: that students leave with improved self-confidence and belief in their own potential.

Schools across Canada that have participated in AYEP, either currently or in the past.

When a school chooses to offer the AYEP courses, it joins a group of educators across the country who share high aspirations for their students.

Not only do students learn the skills required to do well in high school and beyond, they also create a sense of community in the AYEP classroom. They learn that their ideas matter—that they matter.